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I always feared that getting from Guernsey to Land’s End and then back from JoG with my bike might be harder than the actual ride, but it seems I’ve come up with a solution. Well, part of it anyway.

My biggest concern (in a first world problem sort of way), was what to do after the event. The nearest airport is Wick, but there doesn’t appear to be many flights a day to anywhere useful, and any hotels all seem to be a decent distance into the wilderness. I’ve heard from previous RABbers that there’s a good old knees up in JoG the night after the finish, with an unofficial campsite there too. Now, maybe I’ve been to Sark a little too often, or have watched The Wicker Man too many times, but to honest the thought of stopping the night at the very tip of Scotland in a makeshift campsite without any amenities really doesn’t appeal (ooh, just had horrible flashback to lads holiday at France ’98!). After 9 days cycling and 9 nights camping, I’m going to need a hot bath, gourmet dining and a comfy bed. Luckily, I found some jolly nice people at John O’Groats Bike Transport who specialise in packing up your bike and posting it to you. What’s more, they’ve got space in their minibus leaving from the finish line back to civilisation (well, Inverness) on the Sunday evening. Winner!

All I need to do now is find somewhere to sleep in Inverness. And book my flights home. And work out how the hell I’m going to get me & my bike to Land’s End in the first place. Pff, mere details….