I got my second visit from the puncture fairy in a matter of weeks as crossed the finish line on Sunday’s sportive. A proper catastrophic failure with a loud bang. On the plus side, I didn’t hit the deck in front of everyone there but, on the down side, on closer inspection it appears I hit something that completely shredded the wall of my tyre (with only a couple of hundred miles on it) in the process. Time for some new rubber.

I’ve been running my carbon bike (the one that’s coming with me on LEJOG) with the 23mm tyres that it came with up to now, but have always had 25mm tyres on my steel commuter on which I do most of my miles. 2mm may not seem alot, but there’s the interweb says (must be true) there’s definite evidence of less rolling resistance with the wider tyres despite their slightly heavier weight, although I suspect a couple less beers after work one Friday might more than make up for the difference. Seeing as my commuter weighs nearly twice as much as my carbon bike, I can’t tell any difference in rolling resistance, and two different frame materials more than masks any difference in comfort from the wider rubber.

In reality the tinkering with the tyre pressure and the quality of the road surface is going to have a bigger impact on rolling resistance and comfort than the width, and as I have no idea what the roads are going to be like when I’m end to ending I’d be better of concentrating on getting the best quality tyres I can, with as much puncture protection as possible (hell, I maybe be getting good at changing an inner tube, but could do without any more practice for a while!).

Now, which make?