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One of the downsides of losing one third of my body weight over the last 2 years and 10,000 miles or so (trust me, costs a fortune in clothing) is that I’ve really been suffering from the cold in my feet this winter. I’ve never had a problem before, and my fingers have been fine, but I just can’t seem to keep my toes warm at the moment despite it not actually being that cold so far – that’s tempting fate isn’t it?

I’ve been wearing Gore-tex boots and two pairs of socks since October. I’ve even bought my first set of overshoes, but I’ve still had to cut short a couple of rides because I just can’t feel my feet. Then, one wet day last week, I think I stumbled upon the problem. Or rather the solution. Having been soaked on the way into the office one morning, I dispensed with my still dripping wet pairs that evening and broke into my emergency morale boosting dry pair for the ride home. To my surprise, despite the howling gale and road spray, my tootsies felt quite toasty all the way to Pleinmont and back.

See I reckon the problem has been that in my amateur foot binding attempt I’ve been wrapping my feet up too much. They’ve been so wedged into my boots that there’s been no space for my to wiggle my toes let alone for some nice warm sweaty air to accumulate (I did wonder why the Mrs had banished my boots to the garage). So, after a bit of reverse logic, I’m back to a single pair of merino socks of late and, bingo, no more chilly little piggies.

Roll on winter – or Scotland in September!