I always intended to use my ride as a shameless excuse for chugging a few people for some money. Although there is a partner charity for the organised ride I’m taking part in, and I hope some of my fee will go towards them, it left me wondering whether I should be fundraising for a national charity or a Guernsey based one.

I’ve supported a few national charities over the years, mostly stuff that affected me personally, but also some heritage charities too. I’ve also been actively involved in a couple of local charities here in Guernsey over the years too, and it’s been nice to put something back into my own community.

In the end it was something that happened to a close family member just before Christmas that made my mind up. I got in touch with the charity I settled on to explain what I was doing and why, and to check whether they had any rules of helpful pointers they could offer me as I’ve never done any fundraisining like this before. They’ve been very good so far, and I’ve got my own contact at the charity who has given me some advice on the best way to raise sponsorship money as well as some training tips. As they already knew about the event I’m taking part in I guess i’m not the only one raising money for them on it.

Time to set up a donation website then!