I finally managed my first bad day of the winter today. Legs were still a bit stiff from Sunday’s exertions when I set off on the commute into a headwind whilst trying to avoid the coast road again (12m tide, F6 Southwesterly). For once I’d underdressed and was feeling a little chilly. L’Eree hill seemed to take an age as I watched the rain sweep in from across the sea and, when I finally reached town, the seafront was under 8 inches of water so the traffic was at a total standstill. Dodging my way through the queues I had abuse hurled at me by stuck motorists (must be last night’s Top Gear) as I headed up through Vauvert. When i finally managed to reach the road the office is on there was the contents of someone’s bin strewn across the it. Alas, it seems they don’t recycle, as a piece of glass went straight through my back tyre.

Much as I love my Pompetamine, it’s a real pain when you get a rear puncture as it means disconnecting the gear cable and splitting the chain to remove the back wheel via the horizontal drop outs. And invariably you get filthy doing it. And it’s always tricky trying to line up the disc brake when reattaching the wheel.

Anyway, inner tube changed, tyre reinflated and everything put back together, or so I thought. As I set off from the office for the ride home (just in time to catch a passing shower), I noticed a distinct lack of gears. It seemed I’d not connected the cable to the internal hub properly and it had jammed in the mechanism. A road side stop ensued whilst i finally sorted out my mechanical which left me nice and cold again. Even a pathetic effort up Petit Bot couldn’t warm me up, and in the end I found myself just grinding it out at a slow pace all the way home, into a now Northwesterly headwind, feeling totally demotivated.

Tomorrow’s another day I suppose.