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Well, it’s too late to worry about anything now. Too late to worry about my still aching legs, the fact I haven’t got any spare spokes, or that the bike shop didn’t have any extra chain links, or whether I should have packed this jersey or that one. I’ve been reliably informed that I’ve been a bit of a nightmare this week – running round like a headless chicken, concentrating on nothing in particular. Mrs M even had to take our son’s passport out of my bag this morning and replace it with mine (as well as very kindly picking up a couple of spare inner tubes for me).

Above bits and bobs apart, I’ve packed pretty much everything on the kit list we’ve been given, but I’ve still somehow managed to bust my weight limit of 15kg (do they expect me to only be wearing see through Team Sky skinsuits?). Everything is labeled with my name and number like my school uniform, but I can’t imagine anyone is going to want to steal a pair of my sweaty bib shorts. The weather forecast looks good, low 20’s, gentle headwinds, but it look like it’s going to be cold at night. I must admit I was a little worried when I saw pictures of people arriving at British Cycling for National Cycle to Work Day in what I consider deep winter gear – long tights, jackets, buffs etc, so I’ve borrowed the wife’s winter sleeping bag and thrown a couple of extra base layers in the bag so finger’s crossed I’ll survive.

I’ve tried to carb load, but to be honest I’ve been so excited that I’ve lost my appetite and it’s been a bit of a chore eating more or less constantly throughout the day (who thought I’d ever say that?). I’ve got a couple of energy bars for the drive down to Land’s End so I’ll try and cram some more grub into me before I have to rebuild the bike and take it for a quick test ride to make sure nothing has been bumped out of line on the trip over.

It’s been nice to get a couple of good luck cards this week, and a big thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Having agreed with Mum before she died which charity I should raise money for it has turned into a bit of a personal quest, and I’m sure she’s up there somewhere right now fretting about the bizarre ways in which I could be bitten by a rabid badger or mugged by a group of delinquent squirrels in the way only she could.

I suppose the only thing left to do is to free my mind, and hopefully my legs will follow!